Hug-a-Tree and Survive, we have so many uses for them.

hug-a-tree and survive

Trees contribute much to our lives.

Hug-a-Tree and Survive., We have so many uses for them. Their wood keeps us warm, yields us sustenance, shelter, furniture, and the raw material for products like paper, cork, and rubber.

They also absorb some of the carbon dioxides that scientists hold responsible for global warming.

In Morocco, argan trees that provide the fruit kernels for making argan oil have long been used for all these other purposes as well. Local people call the argan “The Tree of Life”.

More recently, scientists have discovered that the fruit, leaves, and bark of these trees have some magical, medicinal properties.

In the Mediterranean, olive groves and citrus trees provide an income for many.

While in northern climes, orchards are cultivated for their fruit, to eat or make cider and calvados.

As the seasons take their turn

The changing trees add more beauty to our landscapes, and artists have been depicting them through the ages.

The colors of the fall provide a bonus for anyone dependent on the tourist industry.

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