Surf Destinations, Check Out These Top 5 Best Beaches

Top 5 Best Beach Surf Destinations

Surf destinations;  Sure, sand gets everywhere, but surf destinations across the world offer thrills,

peace, and a rejuvenation of the soul that many just can’t get with other land-based activities. The ideal spot may be right in your backyard or all the way across the country. Hang 10 and read the following before making your next plan.

Surf Destinations for You (and You, and You)

Here are a couple of choices all rolled into one, as your surf destinations choices may not only rely on your preference for the waters and surroundings.

Sometimes, we have to think about people going with us, too!

Family Surf Style: Puerta Vallarta

Did you know there’s such a thing called beginner waves?

If you choose surf destinations by how they’ll be for the smallest (or most inexperienced) members of your family, Puerto Vallarta may top your list.

The Mexican location makes it easy for most Americans to travel to and multiple surfers can ride the same waves together.

If you prefer to not cross the border, consider checking out Florida beaches, which offer excellent opportunities plus afford families a cheaper way to vacation, with many beach camping locations.

Ladies Only Surfing: Nicaragua

Whether you’re looking for surf destinations that cater to women only who want to learn amongst other women, girl groups, or just feel comfortable surfing among solely ladies, check out outfitters who create women-only surf camps.

One organization is ChicaBRAVA, out of the cool, calm waters of Nicaragua.

You’ll get to enjoy an out of the country experience with an out of body experience at the same time!

Solo Surf: Africa

Prefer to learn on your own?

You’ll enjoy exotic options while getting to set your own surf schedule, too.

Luex Magazine mentions options such as J Bay and Senegal in Africa as top solo destinations for breaking the waves.

The best part of it all is, though, that you get to select your beach place by yourself because it’s your trip!

Beauty and the Beach: Fiji

If sitting and sunning is equally important to you than getting on your board, you may want to point yourself directly to Tavarua, Fiji.

Surfer Today named the secluded spot to the top of its most beautiful surfing destinations list.

And while surfing is top-notch,

sometimes you just want to take in your surroundings from the shore,

too, and an island is an ideal place to avoid the massive tourist crowds.

So you found the best beach or surf destinations sitting, great!

But then, tragedy strikes. It’s out of season and you can’t find beach gear anywhere. Or you caught the trend and hit it in season and it’s all just too expensive.

Don’t worry, you can make your own beach gear!

In fact, when you customize your own stuff like chairs and umbrellas, it’ll be so much easier to spot than the sea of rentals on the shore.

Your sequin-emblazed shelter will be a beacon to you if you do choose to wander into (and then out of) the surf.

Ride the Wave

Now that you’ve narrowed down your surfing destinations to a particular spot or two, it’s time to pack for the dream trip.

Surf over here and pick out your umbrella and accessories to really bring the trip to life.

We will help you with ideas, materials, and suggestions on shipping to foreign locations.

Give us a “wave” today!