Top 4 Locations for a Spring Picnic

What’s on your picnic checklist?

Spring picnic., You probably know that you need to grab a picnic basket, blanket, and some quality food. But there’s another part of planning a picnic that is oft-overlooked: finding a great location.

A great location can make or break your spring picnic. The best locales help you reconnect with nature, enjoy some privacy, and soak up the sun.

When it comes to your spring picnic coming up, it’s all about location. Here are our top four spots to consider for your next picnic outing. Read on to learn more.

1. San Diego

It’s no surprise that San Diego tops our list of best spring picnic destinations. This sun-drenched, southern California city has no shortage of great spots for an outdoor meal.

San Diego has a little something for everyone. Are you looking to be around lively crowds? Make a trip to Mission Beach for some ocean views.

Do you want a more traditional picnic venue? You can go to Balboa Park near downtown San Diego. This giant, family-friendly park has classic architecture, scenic views, and a Japanese Friendship Garden.

The mild weather, laid-back vibe, and wide range of venues make San Diego a can’t miss picnic destination.

2. New York City

You might not think of New York as a great spring picnic spot. It’s a densely populated city known for its sprawling skyscrapers.

But New York is actually chock full of great parks for an afternoon in the sun. Head to Astoria Park for beautiful views of the water and city.

You can also check out Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island for a waterfront meal. Of course, there’s always Central Park. This 843-acre park is in the heart of the city and gets 42 million visitors every year.

3. Connecticut

Looking to enjoy the change of seasons? There’s no better place than Connecticut.

Connecticut has a beautiful spring where blossoming flora replaces the snow-drenched landscape.

You can enjoy the best Connecticut has to offer with a trip to Indian Wells State Park in Shelton. This park is right on a river and is a beautiful spot to post up for a picnic.

You’ll find 150+ acres of grass, trees, waterfalls, and pools during your unforgettable picnic.

4. Phoenix

Forget about the summer heat. Phoenix is a perfect location for a springtime picnic.

Phoenix has some of the best spring weather in the entire country. They also get 296 days of sunshine per year, meaning you won’t have to worry about your picnic getting rained out.

In addition to the great weather, Phoenix offers visitors no shortage of beautiful views. The “Valley of the Sun” has plenty of hiking mountains for a memorable picnic.

You can enjoy mild hikes at South Mountain Park, Papago Park, or Pinnacle Peak. They offer expansive views of the desert and city for a Southwestern picnic.

Your Spring Picnic

Location is everything when it comes to picnics. Check out these four locations to make the most of your springtime picnic.

Are you planning a picnic?