Make Your Road Trip Memorable


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai

In our busy world, we sometimes forget to devote time to enjoying life. But to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.


it is important to take a break so that our brain and body feel refreshed and recharged. All work and no play are detrimental to our health and everyone needs to aim for a good work-life balance.

One way to enjoy quality time and create good memories

One way to enjoy quality time and create good memories into the bargain is to plan a road trip with your nearest and dearest.

If you favor the single life, then simply head off on your own somewhere and take in the sights.

Most people have their own vehicle, but if you don’t, there are plenty of coach trips that you can choose from, usually advertised in your local newspaper or magazine.

Either way, you will want to travel safely.

If using your own car, then it’s wise to get it checked over, top up the oil and pump up those tires before setting off, to minimize the risk of a breakdown.

If you choose an organized coach tour, then ensure you are traveling with a reputable company; check out their website or ask for recommendations from your friends.

Any road trip requires a budget.

There will be food, accommodations, and local expenses to pay along the way.

You can get a good idea of how much your trip is likely to cost by researching your route on the Internet,

and you can book your accommodations in advance so there will be no nasty surprises.

Maybe you want to get a group of your friends together to accompany you.

This takes forward planning, so start making arrangements well in advance of your proposed trip.

Offer some dates to see who is available, and be willing to discuss destinations and any stops you feel may be interesting along the way.

If you are traveling in a group, you may want to take games or magazines with you in case of boredom sets in.

Make sure you factor these costs into your budget.

If you have not traveled your chosen route before, you are not likely to know where you will be able to stop for refreshments.

It is, therefore, a good idea to be well prepared and take a supply of lightweight food and drink.

There is nothing worse than being hungry and thirsty while traveling, and you want to ensure you are comfortable.

If you decide to travel in your car with a group of friends, you may want to take turns at the wheel and see that everyone takes frequent rest breaks for safety.

You also need to make sure the correct insurance is in place for every potential driver.

Make sure your vehicle has a GPS system, or at least ensure there are plenty of maps to get you safely to your destination.

For something quirky and memorable, why not plan a themed road trip?

Or if you are traveling with just your partner, perhaps let your romantic side run riot and organize a special, candlelit meal,

Celebrate your road trip with a little light music and dancing into the night at an intimate destination.

Whatever your plans are, make sure you create happy memories to look back on, and most of all, enjoy your trip

Top 4 Picnic Items to Complete Your Outing


Top 4 Picnic Items to Complete Your Outing

Picnic items;  Food is more delicious if sprinkled with positive emotions. And a picnic is the best setting for bringing out all those warm, fuzzy feelings.

There is something about mother nature, the feeling of soft grass and the smell of fresh air, that relaxes and brings joy to people. Whether you are in the company of family, friends, or a romantic interest, eating outdoors will always be a fun-filled, memorable experience.

Except when you forgot to bring some important things. Then it becomes a disaster and a volatile topic everyone complains about on the drive home.

For the best outdoor dining experience, preparation goes a long way. Here are four picnic items that you should always pack.

1. Carefully Packed Food and Beverages

The food is, of course, the centerpiece of any picnic. When it comes to what food to bring, it depends on who you’re bringing to the picnic. Kids will have fun eating cookies and sweets while adults will appreciate a good bottle of wine.

Sandwiches and salads are common food items for a picnic. It is a good idea to make sandwiches on-site so the bread doesn’t become soggy. Use sturdy greens like kale and spinach, or grain-based salads that don’t wilt in the sun.

Always have bottled water in addition to juices or sodas. Don’t forget the condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.) and seasoning.

It is important to put food in tightly sealable containers. To avoid an upset stomach, store food and ingredients that are normally refrigerated in cold boxes or with ice packs. Keep food out of the danger zone (40 to 140F), where bacteria can double in number in just twenty minutes.

2. Tableware

Again, the type of tableware you should prepare depends on who you’ll be with on the picnic. Plastic cups for drinking may be enough for friends and family but will not impress your date.

Pack the essentials such as plates, cups or glasses, utensils, cutting knife and board, and napkins. Don’t forget the bottle-opener. While you can macgyver the cork out of the bottle, you can avoid the hassle by carrying this simple tool.

3. Picnic Items for Comfort

To have a pleasant al fresco dining experience, these are the picnic items that should be available to everyone.


We are thankful to see the sun and clear skies on picnic day but our skin will need protection. Prevent skin damage and sunburns by using sunscreen.

Insect Repellent

Insects are carriers of diseases and can also ruin the ambiance. Use bug sprays that provide long protection.

First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen. To be able to respond quickly and give initial treatment can be a lifesaver.

Moist Towelettes

After eating, these are very handy for cleanup especially if you don’t have access to running water.


Nature, good food, and your loved ones are beautiful images that can be preserved in photographs.

Games and Activities

While sitting, eating and relaxing are enjoyable as they are, board games or flying a kite can add to the fun.

4. Cleanup

First, do no harm. Leaving waste and trash after the picnic is disrespectful to Mother Nature. Repay her kindness by properly disposing of trash after the picnic.

Prepare trash bags and cleaning materials for mopping up spills.

Ready for Your Next Picnic?

Awesome! Don’t forget to check out our blog for more articles on picnicking, camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.

Beautifying Your Home and Garden Easier & Relaxing

home and garden

When comes to their most important investment, their house.

Many owners take their maintenance and yard work personally, viewing it as a source of pride in not only their residence but also their surrounding community.

As such, a home requires substantial investments, both in time, resources and expenditures.

But, while paying for expensive maintenance professionals may be out of a consumer’s price range.

Homeowners who want to cut costs may still be hesitant to undertake basic maintenance projects in the house and in the yard themselves.

However, what many homeowners forget is that home and garden maintenance – while time-consuming – can be enjoyable and rewarding, provided they have the right tools for the job.

And while there are many websites that offer house and yard supplies, few offer ease-of-use.

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5 Best US Urban Beaches to Park a Beach Chair

beach chair

5 Best Urban Beaches to Park a Beach Chair

Just because you live in an urban area doesn’t mean you can’t be a beach bum!

We’re sharing the 5 best US urban beaches to park a beach chair and bum it up!

1. Bradford Beach – Milwaukee

Take a load off at Bradford Beach!

There is plenty of space to set up your beach chair and umbrella to relax. Bradford Beach also offers bathhouses, yoga, CrossFit courses, and sand volleyball courts if you are looking to be active or play spectator.

This beach is beautiful in all seasons. If you like crowds, come in the Spring and Summer. At Bradford, leisure in Fall and Winter is for those who prefer a sequestered vibe.

2. North Avenue Beach – Chicago

Stay urbane at North Avenue Beach.

North Avenue Beach boasts numerous outdoor activities and proximity to downtown Chicago.

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5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious


5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious

There is something very comforting about picnic baskets and sandwiches.

Spread out on a blanket under the shade of a tree, not a care in the world. Throwing together some sandwiches and heading out for a day of adventure is what makes picnics so fun.

Let’s look at some picnic sandwich ideas to get you started. You will adjust accordingly.

Picnic Sandwich Ideas

From simple as egg salad and PBJs to elaborate fillings and grilled ingredients – your options for great picnic sandwiches are endless.

1. Leftovers

Take that roasted chicken, that turkey or whatever you have sitting in the fridge. The best part is that anything will work. Leftover roast beef, meatloaf, or ham. Sliced up and put on fresh bread with your favorite condiment for the perfect picnic treat.

Use the leftovers to make a salad filling for the sandwiches, adding your favorite dressing and other items like olives, pickles or hot peppers to add some zest and flavor.

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7 Gourmet Picnic Food Recipes You Have to Try This Year


Gourmet Picnic Food Recipes You Have to Try

Gourmet Picnic Food., There’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than going on a picnic. These are super simple to plan, and they’re the ultimate way to impress a date or have fun with a bunch of friends.

But sometimes, it’s worth going above and beyond when planning a picnic. There are occasions that call for something more than picking up deli sandwiches or packing peanut butter and jellies.

If you have an upcoming anniversary or birthday picnic, here are 7 gourmet picnic foods you should think about packing. Continue reading “7 Gourmet Picnic Food Recipes You Have to Try This Year”

Top 4 Locations for a Spring Picnic

spring picnic

What’s on your picnic checklist?

Spring picnic., You probably know that you need to grab a picnic basket, blanket, and some quality food. But there’s another part of planning a picnic that is oft-overlooked: finding a great location.

A great location can make or break your spring picnic. The best locales help you reconnect with nature, enjoy some privacy, and soak up the sun.

When it comes to your spring picnic coming up, it’s all about location. Here are our top four spots to consider for your next picnic outing. Read on to learn more. Continue reading “Top 4 Locations for a Spring Picnic”

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches on Oahu


Beaches on Oahu., When we mention a beach vacation, you probably imagine a quiet afternoon, lazing in the sun with a fruity cocktail in your hand. Or you might picture yourself goofing around with the kids, building sandcastles and knocking around a volleyball.

Whatever your dream beach activity is, the beaches on Oahu have what you’re looking for. And we know exactly the best beaches on Oahu for you.

Beaches on Oahu

Let’s take a look at all the best beaches on Oahu so that you’re ready for your beach vacation before you even arrive. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches on Oahu”

Tailgating ideas and accessories


Billed as the ultimate urban picnic by some, the perfect tailgating event needs to have several elements.

Great weather, the thrill of professional, college or high school sports, and of course, food, fun, and excitement.

But, while seemingly simple to throw together, those who are shortsighted with their tailgate ideas maybe end up with a lackluster gathering that fails to amp up the attendees for the event.

Or even worse, some of the essential tailgating accessories that make the party could be left behind, making an event look like it wasn’t properly planned. Continue reading “Tailgating ideas and accessories”

5 Incredible Picnic Desserts to Bring on Your Next Outing


Picnic desserts., Spring opens the door to countless fun outdoor activities, making it a dream for parents who are looking for ways to spend family time. One of the many options is a picnic.

For the perfect picnic, you need a few key ingredients:

  • Good weather – a comfortable temperature with minimal wind
  • Perfect location – a balance of sun and shade, in an area that’s not overly crowded
  • Delicious  picnic food – portable and delicious


 Much we can’t do about those first two, but we can help you design the perfect menu.  For today we’re focusing on one important course: picnic desserts.

Let’s dig in, shall we? Continue reading “5 Incredible Picnic Desserts to Bring on Your Next Outing”

Top Quality Outdoor Equipment Make Vacations Unforgettable


Outdoor equipment., Whether it’s taking a simple walk through a sunny local park,

coasting along the waterside on a bicycle or getting out new camping chairs for an extended stay off the beaten path,

we look forward to getting outside and stretching our legs whenever possible.

And there are many reasons you may choose to engage in these types of leisure activities year-round.

For example, unlike going to the movies or the local shopping mall, Continue reading “Top Quality Outdoor Equipment Make Vacations Unforgettable”

Pack and Bring all the Must Have Beach Accessories


Must-Have Beach Accessories


Beach Accessories; Summer is almost here and whether this is your favorite season or not, who can resist a relaxing day on the sunny beach? Definitely exciting!

While getting ready for a long-awaited vacation or just a trip to the nearest beach, don’t forget to check out the best beach accessories you don’t want to miss.

Among a big number of beach accessories, we’ve come to the five most essential ones just for you. Listed below is our guide to the top experience for your days on the sand. Continue reading “Pack and Bring all the Must Have Beach Accessories”

The 5 Best Places to Go Beach Camping in Florida


Do you love camping?

Do you love Florida?

 Beach Camping in Florida

Beach camping; Have you planned your next vacation, family reunion, or day trip yet?

Did you know you can go beach camping in Florida? Know that there are over 900 campgrounds in Florida?

Don’t you know there are over 900 campgrounds in Florida?

And over 100,000 campsites? And some of them offer beach camping.

Whether you live in the State or are planning a visit, we’re sharing the 5 best places to find campgrounds on the beach in Florida. Continue reading “The 5 Best Places to Go Beach Camping in Florida”

Picnic ideas that fits their healthy lifestyle


Picnic ideas

Is there anything better than enjoying a warm summer day, feeling the grass beneath a blanket. Partaking in some of the finer tastes of life on a great picnic

  Picnic On

Picnic-goers can rely on the great outdoor, year-in and year-out so that they can enjoy family, play or leisure time to the fullest.

With a wide range of picnic accessories -including; Continue reading “Picnic ideas that fits their healthy lifestyle”