5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious

5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious

There is something very comforting about picnic baskets and sandwiches.

Spread out on a blanket under the shade of a tree, not a care in the world. Throwing together some sandwiches and heading out for a day of adventure is what makes picnics so fun.

Let’s look at some picnic sandwich ideas to get you started. You will adjust accordingly.

Picnic Sandwich Ideas

From simple as egg salad and PBJs to elaborate fillings and grilled ingredients – your options for great picnic sandwiches are endless.

1. Leftovers

Take that roasted chicken, that turkey or whatever you have sitting in the fridge. The best part is that anything will work. Leftover roast beef, meatloaf, or ham. Sliced up and put on fresh bread with your favorite condiment for the perfect picnic treat.

Use the leftovers to make a salad filling for the sandwiches, adding your favorite dressing and other items like olives, pickles or hot peppers to add some zest and flavor.

2. Hoagies and Subs

Using long bread, whether it’s hoagie buns or a baguette, it’s the best way to put together sandwiches. You can make a long one that is cut up to feed several. Handy, easy and convenient.

With longer bread, you can fill each end with different fillings, to save time and add variety.

3. Wraps

Using wraps for your picnic sandwiches works well, as they take up less room and travel well. They can be made up ahead of time and then put on a grill later, for a hot wrap or eaten cold.

4. Pitas

Pita pocket sandwiches are always a favorite. So versatile and easy to fill. When you wrap them, they come with their own holder later on.

5. Bunches

Using buns for your picnic sandwiches works well. They are easy to fill, easy to wrap and easy to pack. They are thicker than regular bread and stay together in transport.

Picnic Sandwich Tips

Some ingredients will travel better than others. Some items are better prepared at home and added to the sandwich just before being served.

Sliced tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and other ingredients can be carried in a separate container and added later. They make the bread soggy and lose their texture.

Dressings for things like chicken or egg salad can be left on the side and made up before eating, to keep them fresher. Using sealed or insulated containers to keep them from going bad.

When making a lot of sandwiches, they can be placed back in the bag the bread came in to keep them from separating and sliding around. It’s convenient and saves on packaging. Use small pieces of waxed paper between them to keep them from leaking into each other.

Picnic Pleasure

Finding your own favorite picnic sandwich ideas is part of the fun and challenge of keeping everyone happy. it’s an easy way to provide food everyone loves and still leave a lot of time for the fun activities.

Nothing says picnic like sandwiches and a gorgeous wicker picnic basket.