Top 4 Picnic Items to Complete Your Outing

Top 4 Picnic Items to Complete Your Outing

Picnic items;  Food is more delicious if sprinkled with positive emotions. And a picnic is the best setting for bringing out all those warm, fuzzy feelings.

There is something about mother nature, the feeling of soft grass and the smell of fresh air, that relaxes and brings joy to people. Whether you are in the company of family, friends, or a romantic interest, eating outdoors will always be a fun-filled, memorable experience.

Except when you forgot to bring some important things. Then it becomes a disaster and a volatile topic everyone complains about on the drive home.

For the best outdoor dining experience, preparation goes a long way. Here are four picnic items that you should always pack.

1. Carefully Packed Food and Beverages

The food is, of course, the centerpiece of any picnic. When it comes to what food to bring, it depends on who you’re bringing to the picnic. Kids will have fun eating cookies and sweets while adults will appreciate a good bottle of wine.

Sandwiches and salads are common food items for a picnic. It is a good idea to make sandwiches on-site so the bread doesn’t become soggy. Use sturdy greens like kale and spinach, or grain-based salads that don’t wilt in the sun.

Always have bottled water in addition to juices or sodas. Don’t forget the condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.) and seasoning.

It is important to put food in tightly sealable containers. To avoid an upset stomach, store food and ingredients that are normally refrigerated in cold boxes or with ice packs. Keep food out of the danger zone (40 to 140F), where bacteria can double in number in just twenty minutes.

2. Tableware

Again, the type of tableware you should prepare depends on who you’ll be with on the picnic. Plastic cups for drinking may be enough for friends and family but will not impress your date.

Pack the essentials such as plates, cups or glasses, utensils, cutting knife and board, and napkins. Don’t forget the bottle-opener. While you can macgyver the cork out of the bottle, you can avoid the hassle by carrying this simple tool.

3. Picnic Items for Comfort

To have a pleasant al fresco dining experience, these are the picnic items that should be available to everyone.


We are thankful to see the sun and clear skies on picnic day but our skin will need protection. Prevent skin damage and sunburns by using sunscreen.

Insect Repellent

Insects are carriers of diseases and can also ruin the ambiance. Use bug sprays that provide long protection.

First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen. To be able to respond quickly and give initial treatment can be a lifesaver.

Moist Towelettes

After eating, these are very handy for cleanup especially if you don’t have access to running water.


Nature, good food, and your loved ones are beautiful images that can be preserved in photographs.

Games and Activities

While sitting, eating and relaxing are enjoyable as they are, board games or flying a kite can add to the fun.

4. Cleanup

First, do no harm. Leaving waste and trash after the picnic is disrespectful to Mother Nature. Repay her kindness by properly disposing of trash after the picnic.

Prepare trash bags and cleaning materials for mopping up spills.

Ready for Your Next Picnic?

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