These Eco-Conscious Fashion Brands are Taking the World By Storm

These Eco-Conscious Fashion Brands are Perfectly Chic

Eco-conscious., Did you know that many of the clothes you wear are devastatingly harmful to the environment?

That’s right. The fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution on earth. The production of new clothing wreaks havoc on the environment,

with the U.S. alone generating more than

The production of new clothing wreaks havoc on the environment,

with the U.S. alone generating more than 15 million tons of textile waste each year.

And unfortunately, some of our favorite brands, like Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Zara, are a big part of the problem instead of the solution.

So how do you make sure you’re a part of the solution and not the problem?

Don’t worry- you don’t have to start sewing dresses out of fig leaves and paper bags.

5 of the best eco-conscious fashion brands

1. Freedom of Animals

Freedom of Animals, a sustainable and cruelty-free luxury bag line,

knocks it out of the park with their chic faux purses that could fool even the keenest of observers.

Their vibrant goods are created from recycled goods (such as water bottles) and vegetable-based dyes.

What’s more, 70% less energy is used to finish these fabrics than other synthetic fabrics.


Fairly new on the scene, YSTR is doing its part in minimizing fashion waste by implementing a cut-to-order model.

in which they only create a piece when an order is placed.

All of their fun prints, cute blouses, and timeless throw on and go dresses are made at their headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

3. Older brother

Turns out, trees aren’t the only thing you can plant to make your world go green.

Because of Olderbrother’s commitment to ensuring all their products are naturally hand-dyed.

Cut from eco-conscious textiles, you can bury your clothing article once you’re done wearing it, allowing it to decompose organically.

Also, this company gets bonus points for breaking down gender norms.

creating pieces that are tailored to fit “men, women, and those in-between equally.”


Burton is a snowboard and winter accessories company that is committed to fighting climate change.

The company prides itself on maintaining the blue seal of approval.

The highest standard for guaranteeing that products are made with safe chemicals and materials.

And don’t waste resources or create air or water pollution.

But they aren’t just committed to making sure their products are treated with compassion.

They’re also committed to making sure this compassion spreads to those around them.

This family-owned business holds women empowerment workshops throughout the year.

It makes large donations to their local refugee population and underserved LGBTQ youth.

It also treats their employees right with closed offices on powder days.

5. behno

After becoming aware of inhumane factory conditions and below livable wages his employees in India were enduring, Shivam Punjya set out to right his wrongs by launching behno.

Partnering with a local non-profit in Gujarat, India, this clothing brand has created a new factory model.

And is paving the way in a textile factory.

Improvement by implementing fair wages, safe working conditions, and an eco-conscious attitude.

These are just a few brands that are paving the way in making sustainably sourced clothing the new norm.

Find some of these brands a little outside your budget? You can always knit your own eco-conscious clothing as well.

Got a favorite eco-conscious brand that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Drop us a comment below!