Do Your Part for Mother Earth With a Green Diet

If you’re ready to start your green healthy diet

Green diet., Our relationship with global warming has been, well, rocky over the past few years.

As much of the world moves towards green energy, the U.S. seems to lag behind.

It’s not that we won’t modernize our energy sources to save the plant, but rather that it’s taking some time.

That’s where you come in. In the meantime, you can do your part to help save the environment by simply eating greens., going green, and that’s what we want to show you today.

If you’re ready to start your green diet, keep on reading.

Animals vs. Plants

Part of eating green means cutting meat products out of your daily consumption. Some people will read this and gasp, but you can’t save the planet and eat meat.

Why do you ask? Because animal husbandry is extremely detrimental to the environment.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that livestock is responsible for almost 15 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more, the livestock manure is responsible for another 37 of agricultural-related greenhouse gasses.

Beyond ahem, animal gasses, raising livestock also takes an indirect toll on the environment.

We dedicate thirty percent of the Earth’s landmass to raising livestock for food. This doesn’t seem so bad until you look at what parts of the Earth are suffering.

Eighty percent of the Amazon deforestation land is currently used as cattle pastures. We’re not talking barren land, but forests vital to our planet’s survival.

The Water Dilemma

Water scarcity is one of the biggest issues in the world that nobody in the West talks about. In the developing world, nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water.

Animal farming doesn’t help this dilemma, and in fact, makes it worse. Approximately 87 percent of all freshwater in the U.S. is used for farming.

To make matters even worse, we already have space and capabilities to reduce this water waste, yet we don’t take advantage of them.

The United States uses 70 percent of its grain production to feed livestock. Instead of wasting this food to feed animals, we could just consume more grains.

Or better yet, we could diversify our vegetable crops across this already farmed space. Proper crop rotation can keep the soil fertile and make sustainable agriculture a breeze.

Your Own Green Diet

Start eating a vegetarian or green diet. Cutting out meat products will help eliminate the problems we listed above.

Also beneficial is growing your own food at home. You can save tremendously on your personal carbon footprint by cutting out factory farming.

Even if you live in a city, you can still grow your own food. Look into small space gardening.

Veggies like legumes or bean sprouts grow easily in small containers that you can keep in your refrigerator or on your countertop.

As we systematically destroy more and more of our environment, people need to take responsibility on a personal level to help save the Earth.

Eating a green diet just so happens to be an easy way to get started. If you’re ready to go green and are looking for more information, keep an eye on our blog.

We’re dedicated to showing the everyday person how they can help save our beautiful planet.