5 Popular mysterious Yoga Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings

5 Popular mysterious Yoga Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings

Yoga is full of mysterious symbols with meanings hidden just under the surface.

They might seem elusive if you’ve never been to India or don’t practice Buddhism. But many yoga symbols are easy to figure out once you understand how they’re related to you and your journey.

Om Om (Aum) and the Universe

Om is more than the word you say during your practice. The utterance of Om is a symbol of the consciousness of the Universe through vibration.


The Universe sprang to life with a vibration. That vibration turned into a sound – the Om.

Om is also spelled Aum. These letters have important meaning because they symbolize the different stages of our lives.

A represents a state of wakefulness.

U is the dream state. Here you’re floating in between consciousness and unconsciousness.

M is symbolic of the hidden consciousness and represents a period of deep sleep.

7-chakras-headerChakras as Yoga Symbols

The word chakra means “wheel” in ancient Sanskrit. Every chakra symbolizes a center of energy in your body. That center acts as a wheel. If your chakra spins too slowly or moves too fast, it’s off-balance.

Your chakras are interconnected. If one is out of balance then it can impact other chakras, producing a compounding effect and impacting your health.

pathThe Buddha and the Path

The Buddha’s royal birth provided him with many privileges, but he was sheltered from the harshness presented by the world. When he left his kingdom, he was confronted by death and suffering. The Buddha knew he wanted to find a way to rid the world of these atrocities.

When he left his kingdom, he was confronted by death and suffering. The Buddha wanted to find a way to rid the world of these atrocities, so he pursued a path of enlightenment.

The Buddha wandered the Earth during his human life searching for meaning and then teaching it to others when he found it.

Meditation and yoga were a key part of his path to finding the meaning of life and that’s why Buddha remains an important symbol for yogis today.

Mandala The Mandala and Balance

Mandala means “circle” in ancient Sanskrit. The beautiful designs within the circle are a symbol of a balanced Universe and show how everyone is connected within the circle.

Mandalas come in many styles and patterns. Each one presents a unique spiritual meaning.

LotusThe Lotus and Finding Light

Lotus or Padmasana is an important pose in yoga. But it is an important yoga symbol as well.

A lotus flower is planted in the mud found in the depths of a lake. When it blooms, it reaches up through murky water to find the warmth provided by the sun.

As a yogi, you’re like a lotus. Meditation helps your flower from the mud and find yourself touched by the warm beam of happiness and contentment.

These five yoga symbols are some of the most important symbols not only for yoga but for you on your own personal journey.

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