5 Best US Urban Beaches to Park a Beach Chair

beach chair

5 Best Urban Beaches to Park a Beach Chair

Just because you live in an urban area doesn’t mean you can’t be a beach bum!

We’re sharing the 5 best US urban beaches to park a beach chair and bum it up!

1. Bradford Beach – Milwaukee

Take a load off at Bradford Beach!

There is plenty of space to set up your beach chair and umbrella to relax. Bradford Beach also offers bathhouses, yoga, CrossFit courses, and sand volleyball courts if you are looking to be active or play spectator.

This beach is beautiful in all seasons. If you like crowds, come in the Spring and Summer. At Bradford, leisure in Fall and Winter is for those who prefer a sequestered vibe.

2. North Avenue Beach – Chicago

Stay urbane at North Avenue Beach.

North Avenue Beach boasts numerous outdoor activities and proximity to downtown Chicago.

Find yourself at the volleyball courts, cycle on the bike bath, post up your beach chair and people watch, tan, swim (take note: the water tends to be chilly), throw a frisbee or football with friends, or maybe even fly your drone and film all the beach action!

Lincoln Park Zoo and the popular Castaways restaurant is near North Avenue Beach. After a few hours at the beach, hop to the next site.

3. Venice Beach – Los Angeles

Hang out at the “creative and artistic” Venice Beach!

Venice was a center for the Beat Generation in the 1950s and 60s. What’s more: many NBA players refined their skill and were recruited at the Venice Beach basketball courts.

Lay down, tan, and relax or take part in the many activities and services offered. Stroll the boardwalk, play handball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

Visit the bike trail, Skate Dancing plaza, and various businesses on the Ocean Front Walk.

4. Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica

Adventure or relax at Santa Monica Beach.

This place stays busy, especially the pier, Pacific Park. Stroll the pier for amusement rides and food! Take a turn on the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

Santa Monica Beach offers Volleyball courts (first come first serve, or by reservation and fee), bike paths, surf instruction, and other classes.

If you’re looking to just bake in the sun, there is sandy seaside for you and your beach chair! Santa Monica beach stretches for 3 miles.

5. Rockaway Beach – New York

Get good eats at Rockaway Beach.

Plenty of new eateries were built after Hurricane Sandy including Tacoway Beach, Chicks to Go, The Summer Shift, and Citysticks. Get yourself some Mexican, Peruvian, Latin American or other food from the concession stands.

Set up your umbrella and beach chair, and chow down.

After you get your fill of relaxation (and digestion!) play at Rockaway.

You can bike or skate on the path provided. Ride the waves! There are multiple areas set aside as surf beaches. You can also Kayak or stand-up paddle in the water.

Adventure in Your Beach Chair

Picnic Time is the easiest and most affordable way to get equipped for a pleasant day at the beach.

Check out Picnic Time for more fun and helpful information about relaxing at the beach.

Surf Destinations, Check Out These Top 5 Best Beaches

surf destinations

Top 5 Best Beach Surf Destinations

Surf destinations;  Sure, sand gets everywhere, but surf destinations across the world offer thrills,

peace, and a rejuvenation of the soul that many just can’t get with other land-based activities. The ideal spot may be right in your backyard or all the way across the country. Hang 10 and read the following before making your next plan.

Surf Destinations for You (and You, and You)

Here are a couple of choices all rolled into one, as your surf destinations choices may not only rely on your preference for the waters and surroundings.

Sometimes, we have to think about people going with us, too!

Family Surf Style: Puerta Vallarta

Did you know there’s such a thing called beginner waves?

If you choose surf destinations by how they’ll be for the smallest (or most inexperienced) members of your family, Puerto Vallarta may top your list.

The Mexican location makes it easy for most Americans to travel to and multiple surfers can ride the same waves together.

If you prefer to not cross the border, consider checking out Florida beaches, which offer excellent opportunities plus afford families a cheaper way to vacation, with many beach camping locations.

Ladies Only Surfing: Nicaragua

Whether you’re looking for surf destinations that cater to women only who want to learn amongst other women, girl groups, or just feel comfortable surfing among solely ladies, check out outfitters who create women-only surf camps.

One organization is ChicaBRAVA, out of the cool, calm waters of Nicaragua.

You’ll get to enjoy an out of the country experience with an out of body experience at the same time!

Solo Surf: Africa

Prefer to learn on your own?

You’ll enjoy exotic options while getting to set your own surf schedule, too.

Luex Magazine mentions options such as J Bay and Senegal in Africa as top solo destinations for breaking the waves.

The best part of it all is, though, that you get to select your beach place by yourself because it’s your trip!

Beauty and the Beach: Fiji

If sitting and sunning is equally important to you than getting on your board, you may want to point yourself directly to Tavarua, Fiji.

Surfer Today named the secluded spot to the top of its most beautiful surfing destinations list.

And while surfing is top-notch,

sometimes you just want to take in your surroundings from the shore,

too, and an island is an ideal place to avoid the massive tourist crowds.

So you found the best beach or surf destinations sitting, great!

But then, tragedy strikes. It’s out of season and you can’t find beach gear anywhere. Or you caught the trend and hit it in season and it’s all just too expensive.

Don’t worry, you can make your own beach gear!

In fact, when you customize your own stuff like chairs and umbrellas, it’ll be so much easier to spot than the sea of rentals on the shore.

Your sequin-emblazed shelter will be a beacon to you if you do choose to wander into (and then out of) the surf.

Ride the Wave

Now that you’ve narrowed down your surfing destinations to a particular spot or two, it’s time to pack for the dream trip.

Surf over here and pick out your umbrella and accessories to really bring the trip to life.

We will help you with ideas, materials, and suggestions on shipping to foreign locations.

Give us a “wave” today!

Do Your Part for Mother Earth With a Green Diet


If you’re ready to start your green healthy diet

Green diet., Our relationship with global warming has been, well, rocky over the past few years.

As much of the world moves towards green energy, the U.S. seems to lag behind.

It’s not that we won’t modernize our energy sources to save the plant, but rather that it’s taking some time.

That’s where you come in. In the meantime, you can do your part to help save the environment by simply eating greens., going green, and that’s what we want to show you today.

If you’re ready to start your green diet, keep on reading.

Animals vs. Plants

Part of eating green means cutting meat products out of your daily consumption. Some people will read this and gasp, but you can’t save the planet and eat meat.

Why do you ask? Because animal husbandry is extremely detrimental to the environment.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that livestock is responsible for almost 15 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more, the livestock manure is responsible for another 37 of agricultural-related greenhouse gasses.

Beyond ahem, animal gasses, raising livestock also takes an indirect toll on the environment.

We dedicate thirty percent of the Earth’s landmass to raising livestock for food. This doesn’t seem so bad until you look at what parts of the Earth are suffering.

Eighty percent of the Amazon deforestation land is currently used as cattle pastures. We’re not talking barren land, but forests vital to our planet’s survival.

The Water Dilemma

Water scarcity is one of the biggest issues in the world that nobody in the West talks about. In the developing world, nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water.

Animal farming doesn’t help this dilemma, and in fact, makes it worse. Approximately 87 percent of all freshwater in the U.S. is used for farming.

To make matters even worse, we already have space and capabilities to reduce this water waste, yet we don’t take advantage of them.

The United States uses 70 percent of its grain production to feed livestock. Instead of wasting this food to feed animals, we could just consume more grains.

Or better yet, we could diversify our vegetable crops across this already farmed space. Proper crop rotation can keep the soil fertile and make sustainable agriculture a breeze.

Your Own Green Diet

Start eating a vegetarian or green diet. Cutting out meat products will help eliminate the problems we listed above.

Also beneficial is growing your own food at home. You can save tremendously on your personal carbon footprint by cutting out factory farming.

Even if you live in a city, you can still grow your own food. Look into small space gardening.

Veggies like legumes or bean sprouts grow easily in small containers that you can keep in your refrigerator or on your countertop.

As we systematically destroy more and more of our environment, people need to take responsibility on a personal level to help save the Earth.

Eating a green diet just so happens to be an easy way to get started. If you’re ready to go green and are looking for more information, keep an eye on our blog.

We’re dedicated to showing the everyday person how they can help save our beautiful planet.


5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious


5 Picnic Sandwich Ideas That Are Simple Yet Delicious

There is something very comforting about picnic baskets and sandwiches.

Spread out on a blanket under the shade of a tree, not a care in the world. Throwing together some sandwiches and heading out for a day of adventure is what makes picnics so fun.

Let’s look at some picnic sandwich ideas to get you started. You will adjust accordingly.

Picnic Sandwich Ideas

From simple as egg salad and PBJs to elaborate fillings and grilled ingredients – your options for great picnic sandwiches are endless.

1. Leftovers

Take that roasted chicken, that turkey or whatever you have sitting in the fridge. The best part is that anything will work. Leftover roast beef, meatloaf, or ham. Sliced up and put on fresh bread with your favorite condiment for the perfect picnic treat.

Use the leftovers to make a salad filling for the sandwiches, adding your favorite dressing and other items like olives, pickles or hot peppers to add some zest and flavor.

2. Hoagies and Subs

Using long bread, whether it’s hoagie buns or a baguette, it’s the best way to put together sandwiches. You can make a long one that is cut up to feed several. Handy, easy and convenient.

With longer bread, you can fill each end with different fillings, to save time and add variety.

3. Wraps

Using wraps for your picnic sandwiches works well, as they take up less room and travel well. They can be made up ahead of time and then put on a grill later, for a hot wrap or eaten cold.

4. Pitas

Pita pocket sandwiches are always a favorite. So versatile and easy to fill. When you wrap them, they come with their own holder later on.

5. Bunches

Using buns for your picnic sandwiches works well. They are easy to fill, easy to wrap and easy to pack. They are thicker than regular bread and stay together in transport.

Picnic Sandwich Tips

Some ingredients will travel better than others. Some items are better prepared at home and added to the sandwich just before being served.

Sliced tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and other ingredients can be carried in a separate container and added later. They make the bread soggy and lose their texture.

Dressings for things like chicken or egg salad can be left on the side and made up before eating, to keep them fresher. Using sealed or insulated containers to keep them from going bad.

When making a lot of sandwiches, they can be placed back in the bag the bread came in to keep them from separating and sliding around. It’s convenient and saves on packaging. Use small pieces of waxed paper between them to keep them from leaking into each other.

Picnic Pleasure

Finding your own favorite picnic sandwich ideas is part of the fun and challenge of keeping everyone happy. it’s an easy way to provide food everyone loves and still leave a lot of time for the fun activities.

Nothing says picnic like sandwiches and a gorgeous wicker picnic basket.

How to Grow an Awesome Eco-Friendly Green Garden


An eco-friendly plot for you to pluck your own fresh fruits

Green garden., It seems like some certain people were just born with a green thumb.

You know the type:  They could place a dying plant in their plot and a few weeks later it’s already flourishing.

Their ability to grow great fresh food isn’t some fluke. It takes trial and practice in order to turn a barren spot into something lush and green.

One of the ways these gifted types are able to achieve wonderful crops is by forgoing the toxic chemicals. They prefer to use natural methods to achieve plant growth. Through it comes vegetables and foliage that are ripe and healthy.

Want to achieve the same?

What it Takes to Make a Green Garden


A great garden is achieved through hard work because you aren’t reliant on the harsh chemicals.

Through the effort, you gain the satisfaction that you’re doing improving the environment and you’re creating sustainability.

Here are a few various tricks on how to achieve  sustainable food backyard:

Know Your Zone

  • Forcing a plant to grow in a region it’s not native will take a lot of resources. Research your climate and find the indigenous plants. You’ll spend less on the maintenance and see a higher yield if they produce fruits or vegetables because they’re adjusted to the area.
  • Compost & Rain Barrels – Fertilizer can be expensive plus contain chemicals you may not want to be absorbed into your food source. Consider creating a compost pile using an old drum or building one based on tried-and-true designs. Likewise, collect rainwater from your gutters by placing a barrel or tub at the base of the output so you can later use it to water the plants.
  • Socialize – Bring others in on the green garden project! Public property or want to connect with your neighbors? What if you were to create a little farm on these properties and allow others to help tend the area? It’s a great way to socialize and offload the hard work. Plus, everyone wins when they are able to harvest later on!

Natural Pesticides

  • Consider propagating your crops with ladybugs which help to deter other insects.
  • Attract birds to the area to ward off slugs and caterpillars. Try petroleum jelly or eggshells to keep snails at bay.
  • There are plenty of natural methods to pesticides that don’t need those harsh chemicals in the products you find in the store.
  • Reuse – Give a second life to plastic bottles as planters. Take old bins and upcycle them into planters. Or use old bottles as a form of decoration. It’s your hard — try something fun and funky. Reusing items is a great way to reduce your impact and still have a great design for your yard.

That’s not so bad, is it?

harvesting your greens can be achieved if you’re willing to try new things and the alternatives. So, in that regard…

Make a Green Move Your Next Projects

Spring is best to start your preparation to turn your summer into something fun.

By mid-summer you could have a variety of fruits and vegetables ready for great meals (especially during those BBQ days):

  • Tomatoes
  • Squash
  • Jalapenos
  • Lemons & limesberries
  • Grapes
  • Peaches

There’s a bit of an upfront cost and effort that goes into making a green garden but it’s a project worth pursuing. In a lot of ways, it’s like art. You sow the seeds of the design and you’re rewarded with something amazing!

What say you? Do you lean toward the green initiative when it comes to gardening? Will it be a project for you this year?


What Is a Mandala


Mandalas have great cultural, spiritual and personal meaning for many Hindus.

Hinduism is a very popular religion, but a lot of people don’t know much about the religion past what entered the mainstream consciousness in the 60s.

There are many Hindu symbols that some people encounter every day. The mandala is one of these symbols.

But what is a mandala? That is an easy question with a complex answer.


The Mandala is an intricate circular design that supplicates God and the universe. It can be used in Hindu ceremonies and rituals.

It has also been adopted by Buddhism for a similar purpose.

But although it is used by multiple religions, the meaning of the symbol remains the same.

Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world, is the root of the names of many Asian spiritual and historical symbols, regardless of religion or culture.

In fact, Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle.


But in this case, the word “circle” doesn’t only pertain to the geometric shape.

It refers to the universe as a whole, interconnected circle that works on a cycle.

As there is a beginning, there is an end, then a beginning again.

This is a major tenet of Eastern philosophy that a lot of Westerners are drawn to and find comfort in.

A mandala’s design reminds us that things never truly end.

They are reborn again as various spiritual entities, and they continue on.


The circular nature of a Mandala also emphasizes the importance of the center of the design.

The center of a Mandala is typically where positive energy is directed to and from.

Meditating on a mandala can lead to meaningful spiritual awakening for the individual who is seeking enlightenment.


Although a mandala is known primarily as a Hindu symbol, it is utilized throughout the world, no matter what religion or faith you are.

Mandalas are used by non-Hindus who find comfort in its perfect, geometric design.

The same can be said for some Mandala artists.

A person’s connection to a specific mandala is often unique and inexplicable.

You may not be able to discern why exactly you are drawn to a specific mandala.


But that doesn’t necessarily matter. All that should matter to you is that it brings you the peace you have been looking for.


The question of “What is it?” can be difficult to answer.

After all, their mesmerizing designs add to their complex meaning.

But at the end of the day, a Mandala can be used to bring inner peace, no matter what religion you are.

Even those who feel as though they do not have any connection with God can use the image of a mandala to help curb anxiety and depressive tendencies.

Consider keeping one in your home in a bedroom or other quiet area.

If you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed, allow the image of a mandala to transform your negative feelings.

For more information on Eastern philosophical symbols, please send me a message! 

7 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Environment


You Can Help Save the Environment

Save the environment., Our earth is a sensitive ecosystem that relies on the environment to survive. But all too often we see our environment in pretty awful shape. From holes in the ozone layer to trash on the sidewalk, there are tears in our one precious commodity.

In order to save and maintain our environment, we all need to pitch in a little bit, every day, to see real improvements over time. You could easily say that one person can’t make a difference. But one person can make an impression.

By doing just a few things differently in your everyday life routine, you could be doing things to save the environment. Keep reading to learn more.

Save Water

It’s as easy as turning off the tap water when you’re brushing your teeth. Or flushing the toilet less throughout the day. You can also save water by installing eco-friendly showerheads and faucets.

Little things add up quickly. Americans use anywhere from 80-100 gallons of water per day, per person. And the largest consumption of water is from flushing the toilet.

Save Gas, Save the Environment

Buy a bicycle. Or, if you’re into it, get a motorcycle. Save the environment by emitting fewer emissions. Reducing your commutes by car just two days a week can help a lot.

You can also use mass transit systems like buses or trains. Join a carpool to get your friends involved.


Instead of throwing everything in the trash from the kitchen counter, start a compost bin. You can use the waste in your garden for superior fertilizer and save the environment at the same time.

Compost can be anything that is biodegradable like coffee grounds, coffee filters, orange peels, eggshells. Think just about anything that would rot if you didn’t eat it first.

Energy Efficiency

Saving the environment is as easy as using less energy.

Replace light bulbs and appliances with energy-efficient ones. Unplug things that you’re not using.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Buy laptops instead of desktops. They require less energy and therefore are better for the environment.

Cancel Junk Mail

Junk mail stacks up to a lot of wasted trees. Call and cancel mailers that come to your house so that they don’t wind up in the trash.

Cancel magazine subscriptions that you no longer use and sign up for online bill pay options to receive your monthly bills via email instead.


It may seem like a simple concept but so many forget to use it. Recycling is the best thing you can do to help the environment. Anything paper, cardboard, glass, and even wood or lumber can be recycled.

Make it easy by creating space for recyclables next to your trash bin and ask your trash service provider if they have recycled service. If not you can take it to your local recycling center.


Just as recycling saves the environment, so does reusing old items that otherwise might be thrown out as trash.

Spare old dressers and other household items to create crafty shelving or other projects.

Reuse boxes to mail things during the holidays.

If you have space you can keep glass candle jars for other craft projects.

There are a million items you could save and reuse if you put your mind to it. It will save the earth at the same time.

Save The Environment

Helping to save the environment doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Just be mindful of your everyday activities and how they affect your surroundings. Recycle everything you can.

Most importantly, remind your friends and family to do the same.

Following these tips and tricks could make a big impact on mother nature. Do your part to keep the earth spinning on her axis properly to avoid utter catastrophe.

Got any more ideas for saving the environment? Drop us a comment below!

7 Gourmet Picnic Food Recipes You Have to Try This Year


Gourmet Picnic Food Recipes You Have to Try

Gourmet Picnic Food., There’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than going on a picnic. These are super simple to plan, and they’re the ultimate way to impress a date or have fun with a bunch of friends.

But sometimes, it’s worth going above and beyond when planning a picnic. There are occasions that call for something more than picking up deli sandwiches or packing peanut butter and jellies.

If you have an upcoming anniversary or birthday picnic, here are 7 gourmet picnic foods you should think about packing.

1. Savory Sandwiches

There’s no denying that sandwiches are one of the most classic picnic foods. But, they don’t have to be the same ol’ same ol’ every single time.

The next time you’re making picnic sandwiches, toast the bread a bit and really think about what you’re putting into the dish. Play with different flavors – like mixing a bit of berry jam with roasted turkey or chicken, or maybe whip up a homemade aioli to spread before putting in the roast beef.

You could even create gourmet grilled cheeses or spice up classic sandwiches with a high-end twist. This goes for anything from a BLT to a fried chicken sandwich.

2. Bruschetta and Charcuterie

Here’s an interesting spin on picnic sandwiches: take them apart and make bruschetta or a charcuterie board instead.

You’ll essentially be eating the same things – bread, meat, cheese, and veggies. But, this idea presents the food in a much more interesting and exciting way.

3. Thyme Roasted Chicken

If you really want to do something gourmet, go all-out. There are some picnic baskets that can fit a whole roasted chicken, and they’ll keep them warm too!

Invest in one of those if you want to wow everyone you’re feeding. This is a great dish to make if you’re going to a potluck picnic. It allows you to focus on one dish and make it absolutely incredible, plus have enough for everyone.

4. Chilled Summer Soups

The tricky thing about picnics is they have to be created with the season in mind. You don’t necessarily want to be eating something super warm in the middle of summer. It might be better to make a chilled soup instead.

The most classic of these is arguably gazpacho. But, you can also play with recipes for Spanish salmorejo or pea and mint soup.

5. Dressed-up Salads

Another refreshing and simple picnic dish is a salad. To make it gourmet, skip the classic Caesar or Greek salad and get creative. This is easier than you might think.

All you have to do is add fresh, colorful ingredients like:

  • Pomegranate or other berries
  • Goat cheese
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Pumpkin seeds or pine nuts

Try different leafy greens like arugula and red cabbage, too. Make sure all the flavors match up before you serve this, though, and make your own dressing as a nice touch.

6. Homemade Dessert

Nothing kills the gourmet vibe like skipping on dessert and showing up with something from the store. Roll up your sleeves and make something yourself!

This could be a classic summer pie or a yummy bite-size dessert for everyone to have a few of. You can make banana bread or a bundt cake or a few dozen cupcakes, just put your heart into it and take your time to get it right.

7. Nice Wine and Easy Cocktails

It wouldn’t be a fun, fancy picnic without a little bit of drinking to boost everyone’s spirits. Leave room in your basket to pack a bottle of wine and try your best to keep it chilled. Or, prepare the base for cocktails in mason jars and save the soda and alcohol to pour at the moment.

These are the simple final touches to a picnic that is sure to make it a blast.

The Perfect Picnic Basket for Your Gourmet Picnic Food

It makes no sense to spend so much time preparing gourmet picnic food if you show up with it in a plastic bag. Get a nice picnic basket that reflects the effort you’ve put into the meal.


Top 4 Locations for a Spring Picnic

spring picnic

What’s on your picnic checklist?

Spring picnic., You probably know that you need to grab a picnic basket, blanket, and some quality food. But there’s another part of planning a picnic that is oft-overlooked: finding a great location.

A great location can make or break your spring picnic. The best locales help you reconnect with nature, enjoy some privacy, and soak up the sun.

When it comes to your spring picnic coming up, it’s all about location. Here are our top four spots to consider for your next picnic outing. Read on to learn more.

1. San Diego

It’s no surprise that San Diego tops our list of best spring picnic destinations. This sun-drenched, southern California city has no shortage of great spots for an outdoor meal.

San Diego has a little something for everyone. Are you looking to be around lively crowds? Make a trip to Mission Beach for some ocean views.

Do you want a more traditional picnic venue? You can go to Balboa Park near downtown San Diego. This giant, family-friendly park has classic architecture, scenic views, and a Japanese Friendship Garden.

The mild weather, laid-back vibe, and wide range of venues make San Diego a can’t miss picnic destination.

2. New York City

You might not think of New York as a great spring picnic spot. It’s a densely populated city known for its sprawling skyscrapers.

But New York is actually chock full of great parks for an afternoon in the sun. Head to Astoria Park for beautiful views of the water and city.

You can also check out Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island for a waterfront meal. Of course, there’s always Central Park. This 843-acre park is in the heart of the city and gets 42 million visitors every year.

3. Connecticut

Looking to enjoy the change of seasons? There’s no better place than Connecticut.

Connecticut has a beautiful spring where blossoming flora replaces the snow-drenched landscape.

You can enjoy the best Connecticut has to offer with a trip to Indian Wells State Park in Shelton. This park is right on a river and is a beautiful spot to post up for a picnic.

You’ll find 150+ acres of grass, trees, waterfalls, and pools during your unforgettable picnic.

4. Phoenix

Forget about the summer heat. Phoenix is a perfect location for a springtime picnic.

Phoenix has some of the best spring weather in the entire country. They also get 296 days of sunshine per year, meaning you won’t have to worry about your picnic getting rained out.

In addition to the great weather, Phoenix offers visitors no shortage of beautiful views. The “Valley of the Sun” has plenty of hiking mountains for a memorable picnic.

You can enjoy mild hikes at South Mountain Park, Papago Park, or Pinnacle Peak. They offer expansive views of the desert and city for a Southwestern picnic.

Your Spring Picnic

Location is everything when it comes to picnics. Check out these four locations to make the most of your springtime picnic.

Are you planning a picnic?

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches on Oahu


Beaches on Oahu., When we mention a beach vacation, you probably imagine a quiet afternoon, lazing in the sun with a fruity cocktail in your hand. Or you might picture yourself goofing around with the kids, building sandcastles and knocking around a volleyball.

Whatever your dream beach activity is, the beaches on Oahu have what you’re looking for. And we know exactly the best beaches on Oahu for you.

Beaches on Oahu

Let’s take a look at all the best beaches on Oahu so that you’re ready for your beach vacation before you even arrive.

1. Go To Sunset Beach For One Of The Best Beaches On Oahu

Depending on when you arrive on Oahu, Sunset beach can be a great place to catch the big wave surfers.

In wintertime, waves as big as thirty feet or more pummel the North Shore of Oahu. This attracts some of the best surfers in the world.

In the summer, the waves are much smaller. This makes Sunset Beach an excellent place to take the kids who want to learn to surf.

And, don’t forget the beach’s name! As you might have guessed, the sunsets here are the best of all the beaches on Oahu. Watch the colors fade as you sip on your Pina Colada.

2. Go To Waikiki Beach For A Historic Experience

Waikiki Beach is probably one of the most famous beaches on Oahu. Its first hotel was built in 1901.

The hotel was called the Moana Surfrider. And you can still stay there today.

Walk along the Waikiki Historic Trail and read the trail markers or just stroll along the beach walk.

Waikiki beach has tons of fun activities, restaurants, and resorts to choose from. Of course, this means that if you were looking for a quiet location, this won’t be the place for you.

3. Go To White Plains Beach For A Quite Beach Experience

White plains is a little out of the way for beaches on Oahu, but you’ll thank us once you get there.

Partway between Ewa and Kapolei, White Plains Beach is a great quiet place to get away. If you want to learn to surf, you won’t be competing with the many newbies you see at Waikiki. But it’s not a place hardcore surfers go, so you won’t have to contend with them either.

You might find an occasional monk seal visiting the beach and you can see Diamond Head and Honolulu glimmer in the distance.

Bring a picnic lunch as this is a more remote place.

4. Go To Lanikai Beach For Adventure

A lot of beaches on Oahu are known for great water. But Lanikai Beach has some of the clearest, most crystalline waters on the island.

You can swim, snorkel, or kayak. And you can see two small islands about a mile offshore that serve as bird sanctuaries.

Parking is limited, but you should still find a spot relatively close to the beach.


Whatever your ideal beach vacation is, you will certainly find some amazing beaches on Oahu.

Have you been to Oahu before? What are some of your favorite spots?

Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, remember to hang loose.